Wonder women

(Image not my own) It is a global unanimous and irrefutable truth that moms are the biggest plugs in the entirety of our lives. They will bend over backwards-sidewards-upwards for everyone within their circumference, especially their children.  It is un-debatable that many a child’s prayer is, “Dear Lord, if not for anything, for the sake... Continue Reading →

Lost my mother tongue

(Image not my own) Not only was I born into a Zulu speaking family but I also lived in a community of isiZulu speaking people…yet just a few years later found myself having difficulties expressing myself in my mother tongue. And to be quite honest, I saw nothing wrong…I couldn’t have been more unbothered. I... Continue Reading →

We Blacks

(Image not my own) In the past couple of years or so, I’ve been on a journey of rediscovery…a journey of redeeming self. And I use rediscovery as opposed to discovery because I believe that at some point in the crafting of me, I knew exactly who I am to be and what I am... Continue Reading →

Would they matter?

The things you do...the ones that have been taking up most of your time...those you pride yourself in. Would they matter if money was eliminated?

HLOPHE : Our Clan Names

There are two versions of the Hlophe clan names as we are said to have our main roots in Eswatini (Swaziland), a small country neighbouring South Africa and Mozambique. isiZulu version: Hlophe! > Samela! > Thumbeza  kamyeni! > Ntombi zenda ngonyezi ezabafokazana zenda ngobumyama! > Sikhwebu esagcwala ingobo sisinye! Siswati version (two variations): Hlophe! > Mabhengu!... Continue Reading →


So the other day I engaged *because curiosity* BuzzFeed's "If you were a Disney Power lady, which one would you be" thing and it turned out to be spot on. Before doing the BuzzFeed questions, I had identified with Moana since watching the movie a couple years ago. I decided to post about this, here,... Continue Reading →

Strength over weakness

...Because I believe that the people that are in my life, at any given time, are there for a reason, I choose to focus on their strengths over their weaknesses. Of course with some I am asked to try with everything in me but this way, I benefit the most.

The second Consciousness

Self-care isn't just holidays & spa treatments. It's working on our habits, mindsets & healing our past. It's removing toxic thoughts, people & places in our lives. It's living intentionally, purposefully &...CONSCIOUSLY _J. Shetty Doctor: The patient has been unconscious for a period of three weeks. Here the doctor is referring to a person who... Continue Reading →


Sometimes you have pull someone else's hard work apart. Not because you hate the person or their work, but because it doesn't serve you and you require the resources with which it was built.

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