About le Blog

This blog is an account of my life and/or life experience -the past, present and the next moment. In a nutshell -it’s a record of the buzz in my mind in the form of words. If you’ve read all my blogs thus far, you will notice the pattern/common idea is that I think too much. Here on MindMyMind is where I let some of my thoughts wander. With this blog I hope to reach the mind of another, and whatever follows after that reaching is a mystery to both you and I. But I can only hope that in the reaching, a burden is lightened and a load is lifted and courage is made abundant to allow the taking of yet another step in this journey of life…to want to see yet another day…to LIVE because this “life thing” is happening to us all. And life is truly the epitome of beautiful imperfections.

I am learning…


I hope that you would come along and learn with me 🙂

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